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Governor Jared Polis smiles and raises his hand in front of a room of elementary school children. Seated next to him is Lt. Governor Primavera..

ĤƵ Governor

Jared Polis

Governor Jared Polis is an entrepreneur, education leader, and public servant. After launching several successful companies, Governor Polis committed himself to making sure other Coloradans had the opportunity to pursue their dreams through founding schools for at-risk students and new immigrants and started nonprofits to help veterans. Prior to serving as Governor, Polis served on the State Board of Education and represented ĤƵ's 2nd Congressional district.

ĤƵ Governor Jared Polis
Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera

Lieutenant Governor

Dianne Primavera

Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera is serving her second term as ĤƵ’s 50th Lieutenant Governor. In her role, she leads six programs: the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care, the Office of eHealth Innovation, the ĤƵ Disability Funding Committee and Disability Policy, the ĤƵ Commission of Indian Affairs, Serve ĤƵ, and Aerospace and Defense. She is a lifelong Coloradan and longtime Broomfield resident. Prior to her role as Lieutenant Governor, she worked as CEO of Susan G. Komen ĤƵ and served eight years in the State Legislature, representing Broomfield, Superior, and parts of Erie and Westminster.

First Gentleman 

Marlon Reis

Marlon Reis is a freelance writer, an animal welfare advocate, a father, and the first First Gentleman of ĤƵ. From raising his two wonderful children, to his continued support of animal welfare organizations such as the Wild Animal Sanctuary right here in ĤƵ, Marlon is already committed to making ĤƵ an even more welcoming place to live. Born and raised in ĤƵ and a graduate of the University of ĤƵ, Marlon is an avid poet and fiction writer. 

First Gentleman Marlon Reis
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